Don’t give up : 10 reasons why you must not give up on your dreams

Reasons why You must give up on your dreams

Can you recall that time when you are young? When you are still in basic primary school, and your teacher asks you what you want to become, then you will tell them some things like doctor, nurse, lawyer, etc. That is a dream.

We all had a dream of becoming someone great in life because you see a lot of them being talked about. We watch them on TV and then we see how people respect them. It’s actually nice to have a dream of becoming great in life because no-one wants to become a slave to his/her mate.

Then, what do we mean when we talk about dream?

The dream is actually what we hope and wish to become so as to be someone notable and respectable in the society. We also have a dream to be someone great so as to be famous and wealthy.

We all had a ‘Dream’ either to become something in life or to achieve something. The dream is a thing that can give you vision about what you really want to do or achieve in life.

Now the time has come for you to embark on your journey to achieve your dream, and you see its not easy it challenge you feel like giving up Chaii….

 The first thing to note is if God is in support of your dream. If He is in support, FINE, then go ahead and work towards achieving your dream. But note: it isn’t easy, but you have to keep striving and never ever give up on the dream.

It might seem difficult, but you have to keep working towards achieving your dream. There are some that give up and end up becoming what they don’t wish to be.
And then life seems to play hard on them.

Sometime we don’t even know the essence of our dream we mind even live the life we subconsciouly dreamed about until we realize that the journey to that dream seem not easy and suddenly we start to understand that what we desired for so long is so different from what we imagined it to be and now  we want something else.

You should not give up your dream, dream is different from just desire. Your dreams captures the essence of your deepest desire.

Your dream represent the fundamental truth and authentic wishes.

A disappointed dream is better than giving up dream..

#here is the reasons why you must not give up on your dream.

10 reasons why you must not give up on your dream..

1. When you give up your dream you did not know what will happen

When you had a’ Dream’ and started working to achieve it, but the journey of achieving it seems crawling and difficult, you will feel quit, but do you know what will happen if you give up, you will end up where you started that is a waste of time, and you cannot see the vision of that reward that is there for you after achieving it

2. Everything is possible when you still alive-

As long as your alive, everything is possible, you can make it, you can get to that dream land, you can become that great entrepreneur, so why giving up? The only thing that can make you to give up is death. But when there is still life there is still hope.

3. Don’t allow failure to defeat you

You may face challenges and difficulties in achieving your dream, that may be normal, because the more difficult and challenge the more the rewarding the victory, so when you fail in achieving your dream don’t quit rise and start again, don’t let failure defeat you.

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4. Believe in your dream

Dream believing is great, when you had a ‘Dream’ you must believe in it, have Faith in it, pursue it, don’t betray yourself. This life is full of people that can make you quit and give you false hope about the dream you want to achieve especially when you experience difficulty or failure, Just believe you can do it again and again, don’t let anybody run your dream.

5. Make the journey of your dream realistic

Sometimes people don’t achieve their dream once because because it isn’t easy to attain a greater height. It takes time to achieve the best. There is one adage that says that ” the patient dog eats the fattest bone”. It takes a lot of hard work, discipline in achieving your dream and you have to give it all it takes to achieve your dream. But the most important thing is to learn from previous mistakes and become better. Failure is not the end, it’s just making you have an experience of what you will still face ahead of you.

6. Know that some people are worse off than you-

“Fingers are not equal” There are some people who are worse than you, that are in worse situation compare with your own, they also wish to have ability to do like your own. So appreciate what you have given thanks to God. Move on you are close to it.

7. Remember some people did not want you to achieve your goal, so when you give up they will be happy.

8. Come out and show yourself to the world be proud of who you are.

9. Be sources inspiration to other when already get what you want.

10. You need happiness, keep moving on, never giveup you are close to it than you think.

11. Pray for strong back and not lighter load.

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