10 steps you can take to overcome examination fear

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Examination is one of the student priorities, as a student either you like it or not you must face it, it part of been a student so far you are willing to learn and be promoted. Examination is there to test your ability of something or your ability about acquired skills, if you want to be promoted to next level you need to undergo testing/exam.

But this examination is the major causes of fears among students, many students have failed, get depressed and even frustrated because of exam fear, many students still continue failing that exam because of examiophobia.

Exam fever is normal among students, yeah it normal because of the fear that I don’t want to fail nobody wish to fail exam, but did you know creating anxiety because for exam can lead to lose of focus and this can affect you and your grade.

Most students fear because of social peer and parent and teachers expectations.

Negative effect of fear

  • It can lead to mental illness .
  • It can cause stress.
  • It will lead to poor performance.
  • It can lead to depression.
  • It can lead to forgetfulness.
  • You will lose focus.

All these things that I mentioned above can happen as a result of fear.

So how can you now overcome examination fear and can be bold enough to write that upcoming exam.

There are 10 steps you can take to over examinophobia.

1. Adequate Preparation:

One of the most important thing that you must know before you can overcome examination fear is Adequate Preparation.

It very vital for you to have adequate preparation before exam, what did I mean, you must be well prepared, start your preparation for the exam early, don’t wait until one week to the exam before you start studying, many students always wait until one week, even two days before the exam, this can really be stressful as you will be having a lot to cover within that one week or two today’s before the exam.

So the best thing for you now, is to start now.

2. Revise Early:

You already stayed prepared for the exam, what next before the exam is to start revising, this can be done two or One weeks before the exam and not night before the exam. Start revising as this can help a lot, keep revising until you able to get everything again and again it help alot

3. Create Dedicated Timetable:

This is really helpful, it very good for you create one dedicated timetable for yourself , which will guide you on how you can balance your study with daily activities, this will really help you in adequate preparation, don’t forget to make the timetable your personal thing and Dedicate to it.

4. Study Smarter:

Study smarter is the king among the list, it not only helpful enough to study hard without study smarter which will crown it all, know how you can study well which will make you study easier so you can grab a lot at speculate time, let assume you are having Anatomy textbook to cover before exam, you must be aware that it is not everything inside the textbook that will be ask, then you must create or know how you can study well by highlighting the most important things and study it again and again until it stay this is one of the method you can use to study smart among many.

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5. Use Past Questions and Answers:

I know the important of past questions back then when I want write my board entrance exam, the important and benefits of past questions cannot be neglect as it it will guide you on how the questions can be set and the format, so I’m imploring you to take past question of any exam serious.

6. Take Good Care Of Your Health:

Health is wealth, it very important for you to take good care of your health, don’t use all 24hours reading but have time for yourself to relax, eat balance diet, exercise regularly this can help your brain alot.

7. Don’t Compare:

It very important you should only focus on your preparation, how many notes you have convered instead of comparing yourself with other students on how far they have gone.

8. Be Focus:

Yes be focus, in anything man need to be focus, to balance you need to be focus, so forget any distractions, forget the past failure and stay focus for the upcoming breakthrough in your exam.

9. Analysis Your Grade:

What did you want, at the end of everything analysis what you want in your exam and work towards it.

10. Be Confident:

Since you are already have enough preparation then stop the panic and stay positive to yourself you must be confident enough to prepare for that exam and conquer it.

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