10 steps you can take to protect your facebook account from hackers

These days there are many things and fraudulent activities that going on online, scamming are increasing day by day, must of the this fraudulent and scamming guy are flooded online and they are there for one reason or the other.

If you are among the millions of people that your favourite social media is facebook, then you may be one of the target of these hackers especially if you are the type that always active and have many influentials people.

Facebook contains a lot of user data that hackers can uses to hack people’s accounts, as we all know that facebook is one of the largest social media out there it contains many activities going on there, so some people only come there to hack people account and use it for their purpose.

Must of these hacker have the reason why they hack people’s accounts up and down, some of their mission and reasons they hack people’s accounts are:

  • They may want to use it for advert, especially if their victim is someone that is very popular on social media.
  • For posting of malicious post
  • For slander
  • For discriminating post
  • To embarrass
  • For scamming purpose etc


  • You will unable to login, you will start experience login failure
  • If you already logged in before or you later able to log in you will start seeing some activities that you didnt perform
  • You will notice malicious chatting etc

So do you now see the reasons why you must protect your facebook account. So let go deeper

How can you protect your facebook account from hackers

1. Add email address to your facebook account:

This is very crucial. If you don’t want your account to be hacked, adding your email address to your facebook account will prevent malicious login into your account, and facebook will always send you notifications about the activities that is going on on your account so if you detect malicious activities that you didn’t know about you will quickly take step, that is what I do.

2. Don’t share your email account details with strangers:

What did I mean by this, the email you added to your facebook, you must try to always keep it and not to just share it details with anybody else, in other to prevent email breach, some hackers are very smart and wise, they can access your facebook email and password details and use to hack your account .

3. Use strong password:

Another best way to prevent your facebook from hackers is to use strong password, your password must be strong, long at least not less than eight and must contains both lower and upper case with some symbol along with digit, it is not that easy for hacker to detect strong password .

4. Don’t save your password on public device:

Many do this unknowingly, when you use public device to login to your facebook account make sure you did click yes to save password is either you should ignore or click no

And after you have done using the public device make sure you clear all the history that is accociated with your account on the browser.

5. Activate secure browsing:

On your facebook account page go to Account= Setting = Security = Secure browsing = Edit you will see options like browse facebook on a secure connection click, and save to change

This is important to prevent your facebook account from being accessed without your permission, you will able to limit any external resources to access your account or to do harm your account.

6. Avoid malware, aware, spyware from your device:

Some hackers did not only need to access web before they can hack your facebook account, they can use malware software you unknowingly download to access your facebook, the only thing you can do to prevent this is to to install antivirus along with malware, adware remover this will prevent all the popads malware that can collect your device data.

7. Always logout of your device:

If you are the type that always share your device with some else always make sure you log out your facebook on your device before you share with someone.

8. Always active on your FB account:

Atleast once in a day try and make sure you always active on your facebook account, this will make you to always make sure your account is secure.

9. Beware of scammers:

Don’t share your personal information with strangers there are some people that can get your fb account details by just asking you some questions and make sure you don’t enter your facebook account details on Unknown or site you didn’t trust.

10. Always make sure you take steps if you find out that your Account is being hacked.

Hope this is very helpful kindly comment below thanks

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