How to Afford bad friendships in school

Friendship in life it is such a wonderful relationship, friendship is a platonic relationship between two people who care for each other, who accept each others equally.

Friendship is such a strong bond between two people.
In friendship you can be affected negatively or positively. The type of friendship you choose can affects your life in a good ways or bad ways.
That’s why friendship can be classified in two, based on character, we have Good friend ship and Bad friendship.

Good friendship is a wonderful type of friendship that can affect you positively.
Who are they

  • They are those who always ready to help you in all the way.
  • They are those who always point out your wrong doing.
  • They are those who search happiness in your success.
  • They are those who always accept whatsoever you become in a good manner.
  • They are those who always there for you in your difficulty time and in your happy moment.
  • They are those who take your matters serious.
  • They are those who think about your future and support your success.
  • They are positive people with positive motive for you.

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But there is opposite of Good friendship it called Bad Friendship.
Bad friendship affect you and influence your life negatively.
Who are they

  • They are those who only delight in what you will offers them, and not the help they want to give you.
  • They are those who always against your success.
  • They are those who are ready to destroy you.
  • They are those who always like to give you wrong orientation.
  • They are the one who always unsupported of your ideas to succeed.

Bad friend affect you in all ways they can make you have bitter life and wrong steps . They can influence in such away that you will not able to acquire your dream to succeed when you still continued in that friendship relationships.

How can you afford all these Bad friendship, how can you get rid of Them if you are already victims of such relationship.
I Have Five steps you can take to afford them from your Life.

1. Dominate Them:

The First step you can take to get rid of Bad friendship is to try to dominates them. What did I mean by Dominations it means try to always be the first let your order dominate their owns don’t let them control you or make decisions for you, in this way you will try to change their motive and tell them you didn’t like what they are doing, If they didn’t listen move on to the next step.

2. Ignore Them:

If you try to change them and they didn’t change. The next step is to ignore them, ignore their messages, ignore the place where you meet, ignore them little by little, ignore everything that can relate you with them in all ways.

3. Understand What you Want:

In friendship relationship it is very important for you to understand what you want, you must know what you want to gain from friendship and also understand what you want so that that you will not be in control of your friends advice. This will help you to ignore those bad friend that you are not satisfy with.

4. Try To Make New Friends:

Making new friends may be bit difficult or intimidating, Friends form big part of your life, since you already know what you want in friendship relationship this will help you to know the type of friend you will choose again.

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5. Be Honest With Yourself:

It very Good thing for you to be honest with yourself, understand yourself, this will help you better on How to choose new friends and make it wonderful relationship.

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