How to manage your time in an exam with 7 steps

Do you always feels frustrated and lose hope of passing an examination when you unable to manage your time effectively during the exam.

Examination is there to test our knowledge on something mainly with time and we cannot afford or neglect such challenge.

Examination may be something fun but when it comes to timing it become something challenging and awful.

I can think of one part of my experience when I want to write entrance exam, how I get stuck on a particular calculation question which waste part of my time, this really affect me a lot because I unable to provide answers to the remaining questions with the short period of time that remain, which affects my results after all.

My experience then really thought me some lesson on how to be time management during examination to afford time wasting and afford failure.

It not new that many students just like me are facing the same problem and this may have lead to failure of some people.

Anyway timing cannot be removed from examination, because it also part of the exam, and that is why it is called exam, to test our knowledge based on something in short period of time.

Do you want to escape and afford the situation of wasting time during exam, do you want to run from being such victim of time up when you still have numbers of questions to answer then let me show you things you can do to afford that.

Before examination.

  1. Prepare well: you can not tell me you have exam when you are busy doing another things and you are not prepare enough for the exam you have, how come you won’t fall into the pit of (time up, ohh I’m not yet finish during the exam) to manage your time during exam you need effective studying before the exam you need to prepare well, you cannot answers what you didn’t know, you must study well, if you really want to afford time wasting in the exam hall.
  2. Practice with time: may be you already know how many hours you gonna use to write that particular exam the best things is to get past questions or past exam of that particular examination and practice it with time, time your self you can even time your self based on the real exam time or reduce the time. Practising with time will makes you to get used to time and makes you to develop mindset of finish question before stimulate time, remember practice makes perfect.
  3. Ask questions : Don’t just be naive about the exam you want to do, ask questions from teacher, senior and others about the exam, how many questions, how many hours, based on what, is paper based test or computer based test, make sure you get necessary information about the exam you want to write.
  4. Get ready: Before you enter examination hall get ready physically and emotionally, what I mean get ready physically is to make sure everything you want to use for the exam already in a place such as pen, wrist watch (very important) pencil and others, to avoid being stranded in exam hall and there by wasting part of your time, by emotionally, erase any thoughts that can shift your focus or that can make you to forget answers.

During an exam

  1. Be calm : Yes you need to be calm don’t rush yourself and be panic and start making errors fill all your personal information like names and others and recheck especially if the exam is pbt and when it is time to start, start immediately.
  2. Start with what you know first : The best is to glance at the questions from beginning to the end if there is one question that you know quickly attempt, and after that you move on the question that you left before.
  3. Be timing: although the time you are giving to answer fifty questions is one hour the best way to manage your time is to re-time yourself by answering one question may be within one minute and if you unable to finish within one minute move to the next question and come back to it later.

In conclusion

Managing time during exam can save a lot of stress and makes you to finish your exam on time, this can really help a lot, so to save follow these 7 rules and it will help better

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