12 ways to overcome sadness and depression

There are many things that is going on around many people, which can lead to sadness, sadness can be difficult emotion to deal with. It is difficult to overcome it because of the saddening situation that cause it.

Sadness can be as a result of loss, disappointment, helplessness, hopeless etc.
Sadness can result to depression when you cannot try to overcome it, and this depression can result to death when it is deep.

Firstly let me start by telling us what depression means before we go deeper into our topic on how to overcome depression.

What is depression??

Depression is a common problem in our society. Its also a serious and medical illness that negatively affect how you feel and the way you think about yourself and your society at large
It can also be define as a condition that cause a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.

It can also be referred to as a negative mood which occurs as a result of being sad
It is normal to experience feeling of sadness and despair in response to adverse of life event and such event can be as a result of loss, disappointment etc
Depression is a serious condition which can be found in the life of many people.

Let me tell you what you will notice when you are depressed.

  • You will feel miserable.
  • You would be having different thought of harming yourself.
  • You will loss appetite.
  • You will loss energy.
  • You will always think negative about yourself and the world.

When you are experiencing all these, no one will tell you that you are already under depression.
When people are depressed they usually have a very negative view of themselves and the world, they forget the good things they enjoy before depression comes in.

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Depression can drain your energy, hope, and making it difficult to take the steps that can help you to feel better, many times you think about the things that can make you to feel better like spending time with friends, but it seem impossible to put into action, all these things can be overcome when you follow all these steps.

12 steps to overcome depression.

1. Share your thoughts with someone you trust:

This is a very vital aspects, you must have a person in your life, either friend, or relative that you can share your feelings with.


You must able to talk to someone about your feelings. As you are doing this you can see someone that can help you solve your problem, or someone that can inspire you with soft word which can make you forget your sorrows. Try this and you will never regret.

2. Don’t isolate yourself:

Depression can make you to be alone, that bad and negatives mood can make you to stay away from people, please to overcome depression you must try as much as possible to associate with great and wonderful people. This can help you to live a happy life.

3. Stop thinking and saying negative things:

Those people who are depressed always hope and see world in a negative way. You must be able to control your mind. Do not let your mind control you.

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4. Engage in physical exercise:

One of the important things that can deal with depression is regular exercise, physicial exercise can make you feel healthy, and reduce all your anxiety and worries.

5. Always eat an healthy food:

Healthy food can prevent depression, sensible eating plan will keep you healthy and give you the nutrients you need. There is no particular diet to overcome depression but good and regular diet works alot.

6. Think of what is making you depressed and try to take it off your mind:

Meditate helps alot, you can meditate every 20 minutes per day, this cab increase your focus and relaxation.you can also think of what makes you happy.it helps a lot.

7. Avoid drugs and alcohol:

Try as much as possible to avoid alcohol, alcohol and drugs can prevent your antidepressants from working effectively.

8. Have a sound sleep:

You must try to incorporate healthy sleeping habits into your life, this is very important. Always sleep very well and avoid nap.

9. Try to listen to inspirational songs:

10. Use medications to inhibit depression if need be and it should be used as prescribed by your doctor.

11. Create fun filled activities so as to express your emotion.

12. Pray

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