How to pass 2021 Jamb without expo

So many candidates always asked if there will be expo for 2021 jamb examination, some are even so worry if expos is possible and if they can able to get it to pass their jamb examination.

There are many reasons why candidates always look for examination assistance or expos but the major reason is that many candidate are always afraid to lose admission due to how competitive higher institutions is today, some have written jamb two, three time but they still unable to gain admission…

Jamb is one of the examination that always determines candidate’s faith if they we gain admission or not, that’s why many candidates are looking for how they can get examination assistance.

But is it possible for you to have your desired score without Jamb expo, the answer is yes, many candidates are always scoring more than expected in jamb every year, most of the candidates did not do any hiding things to pass their exam, it’s just the thing you too can do.


In this article I will  reveal to you how you can still pass your jamb examination without jamb expos, how you can have your desire score without seeking for any assistance.

1. Start your preparation early:

The earlier you start the more better it will be for you to complete most of the topics you want to read, don’t procrastinate, the major causes of candidate failure is due to procrastination, it will better if your start your reading now, don’t wait until jamb exam remains one month or weeks before you start reading, start your readings now, this will really help to achieve more before exam day.

2. Study with jamb syllabus :

Every year jamb release new and updated syllabus, it’s better to get this syllabus and read it, it has been known that jamb mainly uses their syllabus to set questions every year, these syllabuses will just be like helping mode for you and it will make your study very easy

3. Get your reading material.

Get your reading material like textbooks, past questions, jotter, pen etc if you want your studying to complete you need to get reading material especially recommended textbooks for jamb, it will be better if you can get two or more Jamb recommended textbooks and studying with it.

4. Set goals

Yeah, you need to set goals, what is mean my sitting goals is to have determination of what you really want for your exam, do you want to have 300 + in your jamb then you will need to set goals around it and work towards is if you are determined enough this goals will be help you and motivate you to study well.

5. Look for study Environment:

Other things that can help you to prepare more better for your exam is to look for cool and good environment that is free from distraction to study, you can use the public library or any place you know it can help to get focus and read more effectively.

6. Study for long hours

If you really serious about your admission this year you will need to start study for long hours, you have many topics to complete before your exam so reading for 20-30 minute per day cannot help the situation, you need to develop strong feelings to study for longer periods of time, remember the admission slot is limited that is why the competition is very high.

7. Use past questions

I always love this, reading textbooks over and over again without using past questions to test yourself cannot help you at all, if you want to study, study with past questions, don’t ignore it usefulness, the secret thing is that many questions can be set from past questions, so makes sure you practice at least 20 previous years past questions.



8. Practice with computer :

Jamb is computer based test, so it’s very good for you to try as much as possible to get yourself used to most basic key you can use to answer your examination fast, you can do this by going to nearest cbt centre and practice past questions using computer from there you will get used to it and it will definitely help you doing examination.

9. Get motivated

You need to motivate yourself, try to encourage yourself to study, study for longer periods of time may not be easier, but you really need to do it if you want to have your desire score in the jamb.

10. Ignore expo

If you are still putting your mind in expo stuff you may not have the zeal to read, and you know Expo can fail, it is only what you have in your mind that can not fail you, so you need to go away with anything that has to do with expo and start your study early.

In conclusion.

Many students still have high score and even gained admission every year without jamb expo, which means you too can do better, by strictly follow the steps above, then it’s possible also for you to get your desire score in Jamb.

Good luck.

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