How to reduce Android phone battery usage

Managing and battery optimisation is a good way you can use to reduce battery usage of your phone, the first day you buy your phone you will notice how strong the battery is,  in the sense that even as you are using it to do many things and running many works with it the battery will still have high power and the power will not be reduce on time.

But as the times goes on, you will notice that your battery capacity is becoming reduce and it not longer stay long after changing.

Sometimes you can charge your phone full and after sometime you notice that the battery get low at short period of time, some battery is design to last for at least a day but because of usage of phones some battery quickly get weak and weary as it get low within short period of time of charging.

Here I want to show tips that you can use to optimise and manage your battery usage so as to maintain it for longer periods weather your battery is new or old.


10 Ways To reduce Battery Usage

1. Reduce amount of media on your phone

One of the causes of battery wearing is the amounts of media that you have on your phones such medias like video content, image contents etc if you have large amount of these media on your phone it can cause battery draining and weary.

Another thing is that if you are processing these amount of media at the same time it can wearing of your battery. So you need to delete or remove any unnecessary medias from your phone.

2. Reduce phone brightness

High phone brightness can cause battery to run down fast, you need to turn down your phone brightness so as to manage your phone battery, some phone do come with automatic regulation of brightness so as to matched the environment, but you can turn off the automatic brightness regulation from the sittings if you detect that on your phone.

3. Turn on battery saving mode

Most of the phones have battery saving mode,  it is one of the way you can use to reduce your battery usage, you can turn it on from the sittings if your phone

4. Use Battery Optimisation apps

If your phone did not have battery saving mode another way to reduce your battery usage is to download battery optimisation apps, this app will help you to regulate your battery usage and also optimise must of your activity so as to regulate battery usage, example of the apps is virus hunter, you can get from Google Play store and many battery optimisation apps.

5. Turn off wifi/bluetooth/mobiledata:

Another ways to reduce your battery usage is to turn off or disconnect your Wifi/bluetooth/mobile data, when you are not using them..
All this connection can drain your battery if it turn on when you are not using it.

6. Delete Unused applications

There are some apps on your phone that can cause battery draining, some of these apps may be running some background processing and these will be reduce your phone battery capacity,  so one of the way to also reduce your phone battery usage is to turn off some applications you are not use.

7. Optimise phone home screen :

Your phone home screen can cause your battery to drain at short period of time, because you may have loaded it with some applications that  need more battery usage to run,  so you need to optimise your home screen by removing some of the apps,  organised your phone widget well and so on.

8. Turn off or reduce sound:

Unnecessary phone sounds drain your battery life, because there are some unnecessary phone apps that need to give you notification there by producing much sound,  you can reduce your phone sound by turn it off or reduce the volume.

9. Turn off your phone when you are not using it

Some time you may not need your phone,  or expecting any call or message from it you can turn it off for some time to help the battery capacity and to reduce it usage.

10. Use Airplane:

You may not feel like to off your phone but you can use airplane instead.

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