How to score 300+ in 2021 Jamb exam

Hi guys, as we all know that 2021/2022 Jamb examination is approaching it will be good idea to prepare and prepare very well for it.

Years by years competition to gained admission into many higher institutions in Nigeria is become more and more increasing which always make the admission quota to be small for candidates every year. Which implies you need very high jamb score before you can be on a safer side of gaining admission into most of the institutions as UTME score is the number one thing that will determine your faith of gaining admission in 2021.

It may be surprised that many courses now did not requires you scoring 240, 250  not because the score is not good enough but it is because of the competitions which means you need at least 280 and above in jamb.

You have unable to gained admission in 2020 due to this low score for the course you want to study and this can also make one to be hopeless but cheer if you can follow steps by steps guides I want to show you in this article on how you can score 300 + in your UTME then admission will also be your portion in 2021/2022

jamb is the number one exam that will determine maybe you will also get that same admission you lost in 2020 so how can you now sit tight again and score 300 + in 2021/2022 UTME examination.

I have develop 7 legit ways to score 300 + in your 2021 JAMB EXAM.

Before I continue take a glass of water and drink and let continue, please make sure you read these step by step guides to the end and put it in action.

7 legit ways to score 300+ in 2021 JAMB exam

7 legit ways to prepare for 2021/2022 jamb examination

1. Set goals

2. Have strong determination

3. Study effectively

4. Attend Tutorials

5. Create study group

6. Stay healthy

7. Pray

1. Set Goals

Yeah, you need goals you need plans,  you need to try and set goals for yourself, you may be wondering which kind of goals you still need to set, the kind of goals you need to set it is goal and plan to score not less that 300 and above in your 2021 jamb cbt examination and also goal to prepare well.

You we need goals to achieve your aims of scoring not less than 300 and above in 2021 jamb exam, this goal will help you a lot to take the next step of this guide. You can write your goals and plans in somewhere and always check so that you will always remember why you must score 300+ in 2021 jamb exam.

2. Have Strong Determination

When you set goals the next thing that must follow is how you will achieve your goals.

The ability and strong bond you develop in your self after you already set goals of scoring not less than 300 +  no matter the circumstances it is what I called determination.

What I’m saying, you need to develop very strong determination that nothing can bend or quench that feeling that you must score 300 + in your Jamb exam no matter the situation,  this will really help to take the next steps.

3. Have effective study and preparation

This is where the real work is,  you need effective preparation before you can aim to score not less than 300 + in  Jamb cbt examination.

What did I mean by effective preparation and studying, I group that into 4 ways.

  • Get syllabus:

JAMB always release new and updated syllabus each year, the first effective and way of preparing for jamb and score not less than 300+ is to get new and updated syllabus released by Jamb for each year.

The aim of the syllabus is to guide you on the most important things to read for, this will save you some time and stress as you don’t need to read all your textbook for each subject, the most exciting part of it is that jamb set questions based on the syllabus they don’t set questions on what is not in the syllabus.

  • Start studying now:

Yes start that reading now you don’t need to wait for 2 month to the exam before you start your own preparation that is not effective preparation.

You need to start studying for your Jamb exam as soon as possible if you are really serious about having not less than 300 + in your Jamb exam.

  • Use past questions.

The uses of past questions cannot be overemphasised, jamb always set questions from past questions and mostly all their new questions may have been asked before in another dimension in previous years, that is why you must lay more emphasis on the uses of past questions, it help a lot, it also guide you in the ways in which Jamb set their questions.

  • Work on your speed:

You need to work also on your speed,  you must develop the habit of getting questions right at short time and know the answer to it, as you know that jamb is a computer based test,  there is not much time as you are giving 2 hours to answer 150 questions, so work on your speed to afford failure due to you did not finish your exam before time elapse.

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4. Attend  tutorials:

Tutorials can also render some helps you can attend any tutorial that is close to you,  this will make you to connect with some people and also gain something for your studies.

5. Have study groups

Another way to score not less than 300 + in 2021 jamb examination is to have a group study with your friends, or online,  like whatsapp, john online brainstorm for 2021 jamb exam as many as you can as this will expose you to some thing you may not know while you are studying which can help during exam.

6. Stay healthy:

You must stay Heather, don’t be in a position of not resting or eating some good foods because you are preparing for jamb, you must try to rest and eat good foods this will help your brain and body a lot before and after doing exam.

7. Pray

Again I said pray, no mater what, God is the one that grant success, pray to your maker and ask for Grace to study well and achieve your aim in 2021.


Studying as if you will not pray and pray as if you will never study let everything work together for your success.

Radiant learners

In conclusion

Scoring, 300 + and above is not difficult as you may be thinking all it requires is strong determination and effective reading. I hope this article will inspire you to put more effort and gain that admission in 2021 for that course you always dream of. 

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