How to stop phone overheating

One of the major problem smartphone devices users can encounter is the over heating of their phones or devices, phone devices is already become one of the most things that we can not do without as it already become our daily use, as technology is advancing more people also start becoming aware of the uses of phones and how important it is.

The overheating of phones is not just happen, it because of how we use our phones daily, when you use phones to go to social media, from facebook to whatsapp definitely without stopping for about hours you will start notice that that it becoming over heating, this overheating is not good for our phones devices as it can damage the phone system or even makes the phone to start misbehave like it just switched off and on again or it just stop running some Applications you know this can be annoying.

But how can you prevent your phone from over heating, so as to avoid all these problems that may happens to your phone.

Before I move to how you can prevent your phone from over heating, first take note of the major causes of phone overheating.

  1. When you use your phone for several hours without stopping, it can cause alot of harms when you are using your devices for longer hours without stopping this will result in to over heating and if care is not taking the devices can damage instantly.
  2. Using your phone while charging : it mostly common to all phone users that when we are charging our phone we mostly uses it, but this is bad and it is also one of the causes while phone always over heat.
  3. When you multitask your phone, what I mean by multi tasking your phone is when you are using your phone to process many applications at the same time, like you are using it to play mp3 and at the same time using it to play heavy game, this can cause serious over heating to your devices.

How can you now prevent phone overheating, you may be thinking that the opposite of what I mentioned up will be the preventive measure, if you think like that you get, but mind you what is up there is only the major causes but there are still some causes that if you use this method is going to work fine for everything and it will save your phone from over heating.

Preventive measures to save phone from overheating

1) Don’t Use phone while charging :

I mentioned up there that the major causes of phone overheating is when you are using phone at same time charging it, it really not good for your device so always try to remove your phone from charger when you want to use, and don’t let your phone over charge, 90% is good charging percent for your phone.

2) Off unused applications:

Some time this can actually cause phone overheating, when you have some unused applications on, on your phone, it can cause overheating because there will be some background processing that will be going on, on your phone and your will needs to balance everything as this may cause overheating. So always make sure you off all the applications that you are not using.

3) Don’t keep your phone in sunlight :

One of the environmental causes of phone overheating is sunlight, avoid keep your phone where there sunlight or where there is sun ray of light.

4) Delete unwanted application :

Too much application and eat up phone and can cause phone overheating, always make sure you delete all application that you are not using and keep the one you are using uptodate.

5) Delete junks:

Some time junks or application junks can cause phone overheating so you need to delete all junks that you notice on your phone.

6. Use phone coolant apps:

This also work fine, there are several phone temperature coolant that you can download on Google Play store which can always regulate your phone temperature so that it will not overheating

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