How to study effectively a week before exam

There are some situations in which you may need to cram some specific information or something for your exam, you may not have covered most of the important topics that you think they may ask in your upcoming exam which probably remains one week…

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This situation can be caused by several reasons which is known to you, but how can you still read that information how can you still get that information in a short period of time and use for your exam..

If you have already fallen into that category in which you need to assimilate more information in a short period of time then this article will definitely solve your problems.

Note that the only things you can really do is to cram that information, and cramming only help in a short period of time and everything you cram flew away from your memory because it only stored in short term memory…

But if likely you need the information again, you have to go back to it and re-read it again, as you know that it take time before information stored in long term memory so there is probability that what you read in a short period of time will definitely not stored in your long term memory…

Now let go to straight to what this article is all about .

How to assimilate more information a week before exam….

1. Don’t be panic:

If you find yourself in the situation in which you still have many syllabi to cover for your exam, which remains one weeks naturally you may develop examinophobia, and start panicking.

In this situation panic cannot do anything it will only make you to feel tired and you will lose interest finish in what you supposed to read, so don’t be panic in this situation but be calm and move to the next steps

2. Create time/ schedule

If you have been during something before that always take much of your time In which you have no time or short time to study for your exam, then you have to either neglect or find a way to avoid the thing within the remaining week that you have for your exam.

You need to create time and schedule the remaining syllabus the way it convenient for you to study its topics

3. Look for cool environment

The next steps is you must always stay in a cool environment, this time around you need to afford distraction when you want to study, don’t be disturbed by anything, keep your cell phone and refrain from social media this time around..

4. Create plan:

You need to plan and set goals remember your exam remains short period of time and you still have more topics to cover, so you need to create a plan on how you will execute it and what you must achieve at the end of each studying.

5. Read the most relevant topics :

This time around you don’t need to be reading the whole textbooks you need to know the most relevant topics and start with it.

6. Highlight and jotting down

Try and have your jotting material with you and write down or highlight the most relevant key point this will make you easily go back to it and read it without starting reading the whole topics

7. Use space repetition

When you are studying and you highlight or write down start reading what you have highlighted, read it again and after some time, try to recall it again and again until you able to read it without looking at what you write down or highlight.

8. Read out:

Reading out can really help you to assimilate well and fast try and read out the most relevant key point that you have highlighted or note down, read it loud out you able to get the information

9. Use past questions :

Use past questions to solve many problems on that particular topic, past questions will also make you to know and discover relevant key point for the topics you are trying to read.

10. Create study groups

Try and create studying group within that short period of time it may be WhatsApp study groups or physical study groups to ask other students or your classmate on aspects of the topic you are reading that it’s not really clear to you. And also you can also use the opportunity to explain everything you have read and know to each other, from there you will able to grab many things that you might find difficult to assimilate when you are reading

11. Pray:

Try and communicate to your creator, you will really need to consult your creator for guidance and help

In conclusion

Assimilating huge information in a short period of time may not be easy for some people because we all have how our brains works, but if you try and follow the steps that I have given above, at least you will able to get something out of what you want to read for your exam a week before that your exam.

Hope you found this article helpful, kindly use the comment box below to ask for questions and help about this article.

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