How to use jamb past questions and answers effectively

Jamb past questions are another tool that you can use to read and pass jamb, many candidates still unable to use this tool effectively in this article I will show how you can use jamb past questions to prepare well for your jamb. 

Past questions and answers mainly contains the previous year exam that have conducted by the exam body and it was released for student to study for the next year exam.

Past questions and answers is only there to help you and know how the exam always been ask and to put you through some difficult aspect of the exam.


When it comes to using jamb past questions all you have to do is to develop the habit of learning, I means have the passion to study and know what you are doing, let me go straight to the point 

How can you use jamb pass questions and answers to prepare well for your exams?

1. Get good past questions:

The first thing to do is to get a good past questions and answers, what did mean by Good past questions and answers, I mean the kind of past questions that is full of explanation for the questions, so that when you practice questions, you will able to get a full explanation to the question you answered. 

2. Get jamb syllabus:

Another way you can take to use jamb past questions is to get current jamb syllabus, this will really help and guide you in what you want to read and what jamb really want you to know

3. Read text books:

Before you use past questions, you must already have an idea of what you want to answer, so use the jamb syllabus to read your textbook and have full understanding of what you want to answer in your past questions and answers.


4. Practice past questions and answers:

After you already read about a particular topic in your textbook with jamb syllabus you can now, move on to practice your past questions, just answer a few questions and check your answers, if the answer of the past questions is not clear you can move to your textbooks and read more about the questions or topics.

5. Digest:

When you practice past questions, don’t just practice but digest it, what did I mean by that, when you practice past questions, try and study it well, and assimilate it so that when you see such questions again, you don’t need much worry you will quickly get it and know the answer this always save time during the exam.

6. Ask questions:

When you don’t get something in your past questions the next thing to do is to ask questions, ask your tutor or your mentor to put you through, this will really help you to gain more understanding.

I hope have hit the nail on how you can use your jamb past questions and answers, then proceed and follow the process of you have any questions kindly drop it using the comment box. Thanks for reading.

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