How you can achieve your goals in life easily

Every single day, people are planning for somethings, and they set goal before it. For them to achieve, whenever you wake up in the morning, you will have somethings in your mind for you to achieve on that particular day, that is your goal.

Many people want to achieve something in life, we all have goals and plans that we set, for example student that is reading for exam have a common goal to pass that exam.

Let me analyze what it means to set goal.

A goal settings it is not just an ordinary thing it is a way you choose to accomplish a task, so setting a goal can give you long-term version and short term motivation.

When you have something in life to achieve definitely it is a goal!!!

You may be wondering that what is this man is saying since OK!!

What I’m trying to say is that we all know that for you to make or execute somethings, you must set a goal and achieving that goal that you set is what I want to show you..

Please just take a chill of soft drink or water and let continue.

I will like you to bookmark this page for another time because of this magic steps you can take to achieve your desire goal.

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To set a goal you must have it in mind to achieve that goals don’t just say it out but lay hands on it. That is why is unfortunate that when you say ”Goal achieving” does not trip off the tongues with the familiar ring that goal setting does.

So let us go directly into that steps


10 Steps you can take to achieve your goals.

Don’t let people set goals for you. 
# Know your goals.
# Write down your goals.
# Understand your aim of achieving that goal.
# Be determined.
# Set a target time for your goals.
# Stop procrastinate.
# Work on your goals.
# Reward yourselves.
# Pray.


1. Don’t let people set goals for you- When you allows people to set a goals for you, it will be very difficult for you to accomplish it. Since it may be wrong goals.
People can set for you the goals that will be very difficult for you and this may seems impossible, to achieve it,. and it can also drain your believes , since when you beliefs it will be very difficult to perform that task.
If people want to be involve let them only help you to achieve it but don’t let them define your goal. It is dangerous!!

2. Know your goal– This aspects is vital. Goals setting requires you to know your goals, why you are setting this goal, you must know and define your goals so that you can know your ability in achieving it.

3. Write down your goals- It is so helpful for you to get your goals from your mind on to a piece of paper.  This process of writing your goals down is for you to set your mindset on it.

4. Understand your aim in achieving that goal- When you set goals, you set for a result and not just for anything else right, so you must understand your aim for that goals, so that you can achieve it with ”Immediate Alacrity” don’t you are smiling abi.

5. Be determined- You must be determined to bring that your success imagination into reality, by forcing yourselves to take a step every day toward that goal.

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6. Set a target time for  accomplishment of your goals- Set a deadline for completion of your goal. If your goal is larger or big, and very complicated challenges abeg dear, break it down from larger particles into smaller particles/ steps and set a deadline for each steps you are taking.

7. Stop procrastinate-procrastination is a disease yes curable diseases because it waste your precious time, stop procrastinate and start taking steps towards achieving your goals.

8. Work on your goal- You set a goals ‘ba’ definitely a goal cannot achieve itselves you must work on your goal that you have set everyday.

9. Reward yourself- You have achieved your goal then you need to reward yourself by anything you like and that is fun for you to be doing, this also motivate you.

10. Pray- Pray to your creator for strength and power including ability for you to achieve that Indomitable goals, yeah it is indomitable so far you follow that 10 steps.

IN CONCLUSION– GOAL settings is great but achieving it far more better and may take time and efforts with strong determination, take that steps and you come and thanks me because it will work like magic. You can also check how you can be the best in achieving your goal click: HERE and check it out.


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