Importants of solving past questions for exams

One of the tools that you can use to conquer and pass exams is past questions, if you are writing external exams or internal exams the number one tools you can use to pass the exams is past questions.

Many teachers always emphasises on the importance of past questions, because they know how it can help students in their exams.

If you are writing external exams like WAEC, JAMB, NECO, you must try and get their past questions and use to practice for the exams very well, as a students I know the importance of past questions when I want to write my external exams for admission into higher institution.

That is why In this article I will show you the reason and important and reasons you must use past questions for your upcoming exams.


These are the list of important of past questions that will convince you why you must use for your exams or your upcoming exams.

1) They show you the kind of topics that can be set in a subjects.

The number one things that past questions will show you is the part of the topics that may likely come out In your exams, it will help you to understand which topics they may likely set exams from, let say for example you want to write chemistry exams, and you use past questions before the exams, you may likely to see must of the repeated topics that they set questions from, this will expose you to how many topics in Chemistry always carry Higher questions and the one that always carry few questions, so that you will know how to practice well for your exams.

2) PQ show you the pattern in which exams can be set.

Another important why you must practice past questions for your upcoming exams is because past questions gives you, show you the pattern in which exams can be set, let say you are writing external exams , you have not write any external exams before, it is your first time and you don’t know they how they set their questions, so one of the the easiest way to know the pattern they use to set their exams is to get their past questions and practice well, if you start practising it, it will show you how the exams is likely to be set.

3) It show you the key points of a particular topics.

Another works that past questions does is to show the key points of a particular topics in a subjects, it show the important Key Words that makes a particular topics have tangibles meaning,

Let say you are practising past questions for chemistry now, and In your past questions you see questions like,

Which of these following meaning best define an atom?

A. Atom is a group of elements that can not be separated. B. Atom is indivisible element C. An atom is a smallest and indivisible element that can take part in Chemical reaction D. An atom is a group of elements that react in Chemical reactions .

From the questions above if I ask you which of the following options best define atom, definitely you will says it C why because option C gives more key points that define Atoms.

So instead of you know the all story of atom, or the short meaning, past questions show you the main kegs word to that meaning of Atom, that is how Past questions works.

4) It show you and makes you to understand the duration of an exams

Mostly all of the exams is based on time, exams are mostly set to test students intelligent and students speed of reasoning, so one of the thing that past questions also show you is how exam is set on a particular time, so using past questions can gives you more insight on how you can increase your speed during exams and finish on time, let says the duration of the exams you want to do is 2 hours, which means you must finish before 2 hours, if you use past questions of the exams to practice well before the exams it help you to increase your speed during exams because it will help you to minimise your time by the time you are using it to practice before your exams day.

5) It helps you to pass your exams.

The last important why past questions is good is because it can help you to past your exams, with one of the way it can help you pass your exams along with all the benefits have mentioned above is that , since it is likely to repeat questions then if you use your past questions well, you don’t need to take too long before you answers some questions during your exams before it may be the same as is in your past questions, so this can help also help you to maximise your time.


Using past questions is great ways to pass your exams and makes your emerge the best, past questions and answers helps you and give you confident to write exams, if you practice past questions well then you don’t have reasons to fail that upcoming exams, Thanks for reading.

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