How you can be the best In whatsoever things you do

Do you want to be the best : There are many things people choose to do in life, it may be in your working place, schools wherever it may be.
it doesn’t matter how good your strategy is, if you are not skilled enough at what you choose to do, that strategy and logic won’t work.

Many people want to be the best in what they do, they want to be outstanding in that field so that they can achieve their Goal in it.

Some people even loss hope when they try to do somethings and it not work out for them to achieve their aim.  It not about give up dear but you need something. That is how you can achieve it.

You are not just anybody, you are outstanding, you can be the best, you can be resourceful don’t give up.

As a special person you are the only thing that is good for you is being the best.

That why I write about how you can be the best in whatsoever you are doing.

You may be wondering that how can all these change life, don’t worry just take a chill of water and let go!!!

Firstly do you really know what ‘to be the best’ means it means alot, let me tell you.
To be the best means, to be the first among equals who calls the shots and dictate the tune, while others follow. It means the most talented? The most creative? The most productivity? The most experts in a particular field.

You feel the nice definition, you can also make you self like that in your field let continue!!

8 things you can do to be the best in whatsoever you choose to do.

 1. Map out your Goals: This is the first and important thing you need to know if you want to be the best, you cannot do things without purpose except if you want to waste you time, and you know time is precious.
What you are doing, you are doing it for a purpose, to achieve somethings, you need to map out that goals you want to achieve so that you can focus on it. For instance a student that is preparing for an exam  need to know his aim of preparing for that exam so that he can achieve that goal, either to achieve good results that is goal.
so you must ask your self why you are doing this, what did you want to gain from it,  is it profit, popularity, success, map it and work on it.

2. Believe you can be the best: You set and map out your Goals, the next thing is for you to believe you can achieve that goals. That should be you aim, you can do it, you are the best, you are unstoppable.

3. Workhard towards that goal:Now that you believe you are unstoppable in you field, you need to workhard every day toward achieving that goals. You need to motivate you self to workhard, you need to convince and deny yourself to do that thing than others by workinghard. It may not easy but trust me if you are determining, you will be the best by workhard.

The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.”

– Thomas A. Edison

4. Focus: To be the best you need focus, your focus will make you to use you mental ability well, you need full and stable focus to be at the top in that field.

5. Use your mental ability: You need your thinking to solve problem facing you in your field, how you can make things work together for your good. Know how to Solve problem that will make you the best in your field.

6. Don’t give up: You dont need to give up, it may take time but if you are focus and be determined, you will be outstanding in that field.

7. Watch your health: Health is wealth. You need to take care of you self as you are working towards achieving your goal, eat good food, and rest.

8. Be prayerful: without God nothing can a man do, put God first he is the one that can make you the best, be prayerful  and thank God for what you have achieved so far.

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